Slim Fit Trousers


These Slim Fit Trousers are worn on the hip, not waist. Take your hip measurement and order the equivalent waist size (see size guide below) for the correct fit. 

For example, if you measure 30″ around the hip, you will need to order a 26″ waist size.

26″ hip equates to 22″ waist.

28″ hip equates to 24″ waist.

30″ hip equates to 26″ waist.

32″ hip equates to 28″ waist.

34″ hip equates to 30″ waist.

36″ hip equates to 32″ waist.

38″ hip equates to 34″ waist.

40″ hip equates to 36″ waist.

42″ hip equates to 38″ waist.

Please also note, trouser length measurements should be taken from the inside leg (crotch to ankle), not outside.

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